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A brand or corporate identity is essential to the success of you company’s marketing efforts. That’s why at Hutchhouse your brand dictates everything we do – be it conceptually in terms of your next marketing campaign or literally in terms of your corporate image online.

Development of your brand

As your digital agency we need to be brand savvy. And that’s what we are.  We have the skills to to nurture, protect and maintain your brand philosophy. This is as important in the early years of a business, as it is when you are a successful household name. Brands are easily diluted and easily tarnished so it’s important to have a partner that sees the need to protect your identity and reputation.

We have experience in building and maintaining brands, so you can feel secure in the knowledge that your branded image is well looked after.

Logo Design

Sometimes you don’t need the full branding package, you might be a start-up that simply wants a logo for your website. We do offer this service, the delivery of a logo only, but do recommend that you consider the next step and develop a set of brand guidelines. This will establish your brand’s style and protect it from degrading over time as other agencies involved.

Branding Summary

With the direction of marketing moving more and more towards online, it’s key to the success of future campaigns that you embrace the online market and develop an online brand which reflects and enhances it’s offline counterpart. We always strive to make this happen, championing your brand at every opportunity.


We are looking for a top class Front End Developer!

We are looking for a strong Front End Developer to join our team!

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