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Key to the delivery of your web project, will be our web development team. The aim of our web developers is to produce a fully functioning web site or web application, to specification, using best practices and the best coding techniques available.

Front end web development

Typically the front end development of websites consist of the production of the XHTML markup and CSS stylesheets which make the site look and feel the way they were designed. This is a very important part of the development of any site – not just for aesthetic reasons but also in meeting with web standards and accessibility requirements.

We have a dedicated front end development team whose sole aim is to build the look and feel of the site. This means that they can work very closely with the design team to get the best results.

Doing things clientside

In order to enhance the user experience of the sites we produce we use Javascript techniques to aid usability and heighten the user experience. Javascript allows us to save on unnecessary page loads and do some really innovative work on the site interface.

Backend web Development

Our web development team are eager to please. Their aim is always to produce the best result for the specific project they are working on and that means you are going to benefit greatly from using them. If they are building a CMS then it will be intuitive to use and give you the flexibility required without being overcomplicated and full of redundant features. We understand that you might not be used to using web applications or websites and that we have to provide systems which become familiar to use very quickly and don’t throw up those little surprises along the way.

The team will always try and go that extra step to make your user’s, editor’s or administrator’s life easier, especially in backend systems where typically the functionality requires some sort of learning curve. The shorter the better where we are concerned!

Bespoke Web Development & Database Architecture

Predominantly Linux based, our experience allows us to build pretty much anything from websites and web apps, to desktop and mobile applications.

We can develop using existing frameworks and systems, as well as being experts in XHTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL allowing us to be as creative as we need to be.

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