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The future of most types of application is online. This includes software that we take for granted like word processing applications and spreadsheet editors. Everything is possible online and the benefits are huge.

Web applications are exploding right now! The use of web based systems such as Google Apps (especially Google Docs) to manage traditionally desktop based tasks such as managing email or creating datasheets combined with the availability of APIs in order to share, distribute, save and access your data almost anywhere make online applications extensible and powerful. We are experienced in the design and build of systems like these and are always eager to explore the possibilities of what can be achieved online.


You can’t really build a site or application without considering the benefits that a mobile variant could have. Over a quarter of people in the UK (26.5 %) said they have a smartphone and network usage rose by a mammoth 240% (OfCom) in 2009. If you build an application or game or sell products and services that are available online  then consider the benefits that a mobile version could bring to your users and the subsequent positive impact on your business and brand.

There are two established routes for providing content to mobile phones:

  1. A specific mobile website which has an adapted interface to provide the appropriate usability (and functionality) for viewing on smaller screens
  2. Mobile apps developed for specific mobile operating systems

If we can help with either then please get in touch.


We are looking for a top class Front End Developer!

We are looking for a strong Front End Developer to join our team!

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