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Although we’ll certainly be evangelising about how you need your organic search and online presence to be as strong as possible. Online advertising can be an extremely cost-effective and efficient method of driving sales or creating leads.

The internet offers a vaste array of advertising methods, well it’s the internet, but it’s really a matter of finding the right method fo the right goal. Here are a few of the ways we can help you with your online adertising campaigns:

Google Adwords (pay per click)

The most common pay per click advertising is Google Adwords. These are the paid adverts that appear to to the right and for the highest paying adverts above Google’s organic search results. We help you put together your Adwords campaigns and run them efficiently, focussing on high conversion rates and linking them in directly with your website analytics so that the performance can be fine tuned and optimised.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a way of targeting very specific groups of people. So if you sell wedding rings you might chose to target female Facebook users with a marital status of ‘engaged’ between 21 and 30 years old. Your adverts will then hit the right audience and you’ll be more likely to see a high conversion rate on your spend.  We can help in the following ways:

  • Advert design
  • Campaign setup and monitoring
  • Advert sample testing (seeing which advert has the best impact)
  • Facebook page creation, design and population

Viral advertising

Probably the most exciting and interesting of all the methods described here, viral advertising is used to stimulate word of mouth and spread adverts organically around social groups such as friends and colleagues. The centre point is usually something of interest, classically a funny video, that will be shared because of it’s humour or creative value. It can be anything, a blog post, an image or anything that stimulates people to send it to friends. We can help you by designing the campaign creatives or content, developing the campaign plan, putting it in action and then monitoring the results.

Affiliate advertising

A good affiliate strategy can generate more leads and sales than any of the methods aove, but it needs to be thoroughly thought through and targeted. Ask Lovefilm how they built up their user base and affiliate/referral based advertising was the key form the start. We can plan an effective strategy, build the individual mechanics and develop a system which processes affiliate and referral fees automatically, so that you always benefit from new referrals, and the system is simple and easy to maintain.


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