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As part of the process of planning your website or web application, one of the key areas which guarantees a smoother project process and group understanding of requirements and specifications is wireframing and prototyping.

All to often this step is missed out and disregarded in favour of heading straight from undertsanding a website’s information architecture into design or development. This is a mistake. Wireframing (especially) gives a freedom and fluency to the site design which cannot be easily achieved when the creative process starts whilst prototyping can iron out issues and confirm concepts and ideas without learning hard lessons all too late.

Website Wireframe Design

We can (and should) build this into your project. The process provides a great deal of insight into the final layout of the website or web application and helps define user journeys and the website’s overall information architecture. It’s much simpler to push a wireframe design around than it is to do so with a fully designed Photoshop file. We’d certainly recommend this as a part of the project toolkit, it’ll pay for itself by guaranteeing a better final user experience and therefore a greater conversion rate on your web project objectives.

Concept Prototyping

Website prototyping is something that is very useful to establish, in an inexpensive way, whether something is ‘doable’ or whether something will work from a usability perspective. If there are proposed areas on your site that project stakeholders feel uncertain about then why not build a prototype so that everyone can have a play? It makes more sense than building them fully and launching aspects of your site that just won’t work out.


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