The Today Show & Pap The Question

The Today Show & Pap The Question

Today we received a message from one of our clients that he had just been on the tellybox. A few months ago we branded and built papthequestion.com for our friend James Ambler who lives in New York. James has been a successful pap for many years and worked for most of the tabloids both here at home and in the USA.

Not content with his lot, James though about striking out on his own and creating his own company. It’s still early days but it’s going really well and James’s business idea seems to be taking off nicely.

This week James was invited onto the Today Show. A popular lifestyle show that seems to be similar to our very own One Show. Anyway, the segment was put together really well and James is shown in a great light.

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Looking at the analytics for his website the figures speak for themselves. For the last 28 days papthequesiton.com has been getting around 50 visitors a day. The day James was on TV this shot up to 1,145 visitors which is a massive increase. It’s now the following day and the visitor numbers are already returning to normal. However it’s clear to see the positive impact that a small appearance on TV can do for you and your business and I’m sure James will be getting a few orders out of the coverage he’s received.

Good on you Jimbo!

For more information on the project go here.