We’re all going to love Pinterest

We’re all going to love Pinterest

So Pinterest seems to be the latest social craze that’s sweeping the nation, and indeed the globe. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there wasn’t any space in the marketplace for another social network, but it seems there is and this already popular app is taking more and more of a slice by the day.

Pinterest stats

According to TechCrunch Pinterest has over 10.4 million users already. 9m of these people are logging in monthly, and 2m login daily so naturally it’s creating quite a buzz within the industry and rightly so. If the stats are to be believed some 97% are women which makes a refreshing change. For once the usual ‘early adopter’ crowd have taken to the wings and it’s the ladies who have the upper hand on this one.

The appeal of Pinterest

Having used Pinterest for the last two weeks it’s clear to see the appeal. As a designer – and somebody who prefers the visual world to the written one – browsing pages of images is far more my cup of tea then reading lots of words. As it’s often said, a picture paints a thousands words and this is possibly the secret behind the success of this platform. Pinterest is clean, no-nonsense and easy-to-use and whether you’re using the website on your desktop or your mobile, the integration, experience and consistent approach is seamless. When you compare it to the fussy and over-complicated interface of say Google+, it all undoubtably adds to it’s appeal and guaranteed success.

The competition

Having tried similar platforms – Instagram and Tumblr to name but two – neither of them really got me fired up. Instagram was one of my favourite apps for a while as it’s user journey and ease of use was enticing. Again, browsing by image makes Instagram very appealing, however because it’s based on uploaded user photos it can be a little narcissistic and for some that’s a turn-off. However the beauty of Pinterest is that it’s main staple is a diet of ‘web clippings’ of interesting discoveries which are shared and personally I prefer this angle.

Pinterest and Hutchhouse

I can see Pinterest becoming very useful to my workflow over the next year. As soon as it’s warranted I’ll be putting together a moodboard for the next project and sending it to the client to digest. I can also see it being a great research tool for discovering new interface styles, grid layouts, typefaces and colour combinations. Although I think I’ll have to wait for a little while yet. At the moment Pinterest seems to be knee deep in pictures of high-heels, painted nails and hairstyle tutorials, but hey, with a 97% female following I wouldn’t expect anything less!

You can find my Pinterest page here so I’ll see you there!