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Some witterings from the team at Hutchhouse...

Discovery workshop

Discovery workshopThe workshop we run is informal with a view to really get to know your business inside-and-out.  We prefer to do this face-to-face so we can let the ideas flow by brainstorming, sketching ideas and exploring all possibilities. It’s a much more natural way to get to know you and what your user will want to understand about your business.

The discovery workshop

We are sure to have already been provided with your top level website or application requirements but to fully understand a project we really need to align ourselves with you and your project in the following ways:

  • User audiences
  • Audience personas
  • User goals
  • Specific business requirements
  • Competitor analysis
  • Existing assets (such as branding, campaigns, applications etc)

Once we have been through the project in the context of these very important areas, we’ll be able to expand on them in a summary discovery document which we’ll deliver and agree upon before we move into the production of your project. It’s not a wordy, lengthy document that you’ll want to store at the bottom of that pile on your desk — the idea is that this project summary ensures that we’re all singing form the same hymn sheet.

How to create effective call-to-action buttons

How to create effective call-to-action buttons

Have you ever tried to convert visitors to customers on your website? If so, you’ll know how difficult it is. So what do you do? This post will tell you what you need to know to improve your call-to-action buttons on your website. 

Like your website design but not so keen on your content management system?

Like your website design but not so keen on your content management system?

Having an aesthetically pleasing website for your company is most definitely a satisfying feeling.  However, a lot of websites suffer once you access the CMS (Content Management System) and realise that you need a degree in rocket science to use it. Frustrating in most cases, infuriating in others, your content management system is off putting and tiresome to use.

Writing hierarchical web content with clear objectives

Writing hierarchical web content with clear objectives

A website’s user interface ultimately needs to fulfil a purpose. Often it can have a single goal such as creating an enquiry or can often need to perform a selection of useful functions like searching, booking and purchasing. However big or small your requirement might be, well structured user interface design and a considered website content strategy will always come into play.

All too often we see websites that perform lots of tasks adequately, but rarely fulfil the objectives of a) the site user and b) the website owner.

Why should you develop a website and a mobile site?

Why should you develop a website and a mobile site?

With the emergence of mobile web in recent years, having a mobile site for your business or charity is becoming more important than ever. Here’s a couple of reasons why…

Brand & Digital Identity

Brand & Digital IdentityA brand or digital identity is essential to the success of you company’s marketing efforts. That’s why at Hutchhouse your brand dictates everything we do — be it conceptually in terms of your next marketing campaign or literally in terms of your corporate image online.

Development of your brand and digital identity

As your digital agency we need to be brand savvy. And that’s what we are.  We have the skills to nurture, protect and maintain your brand philosophy. This is as important in the early years of a business, as it is when you are a successful household name. Brands are easily diluted and easily tarnished so it’s important to have a partner that sees the need to protect your identity and reputation.

We have years of experience in building and enhancing brands online, so you can rely on our advice and professionalism when working with yours.

The full branding service

If you are starting a new venture or looking at refreshing and improving your brand, then you’ll need help in achieving your goals. We provide a full branding service which covers research into your brand proposition, competitors and application and delivers a brand pack which includes:

  • A set of approved RGB and CMYK logos with treatment variants
  • A brand guideline document covering use of the logo, tone of voice and use of images

Logo Design

Sometimes you don’t need the full branding package, you might be a start-up that simply wants a logo for your website. We offer a logo only service, but do recommend that you consider the next step and develop a set of brand guidelines.

Competitor Research & Analysis

Analytics & AnalysisBeing better than the competition is important on so many levels in business and the same is very true online. Finding out how to get one step ahead of the competition (and stay there) is all part of the discovery process. It’s crucial to get this on the right track from the outset, and keeping it inline as you build your online profile.

That’s where competitor analysis and research comes in. Providing our clients with a competitor analysis usually consists of researching a number of areas within your market, industry or locality:

Good analysis leads to good practice

If you website out performs the competition in only one of these areas then you may not receive the benefit, after all being top of the search results doesn’t mean that your site visitors will be able to use or understand your site. Equally, if your site is simple to use, but lacks design then visitors may opt for the better designed competition because good design instills consumer confidence.

Competitor analysis and comparisons

By identifying your competition’s strengths and weaknesses we develop a project strategy that produces great end results, setting the new standard for your industry rivals.