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Discovery workshop

Discovery workshopThe workshop we run is informal with a view to really get to know your business inside-and-out.  We prefer to do this face-to-face so we can let the ideas flow by brainstorming, sketching ideas and exploring all possibilities. It’s a much more natural way to get to know you and what your user will want to understand about your business.

The discovery workshop

We are sure to have already been provided with your top level website or application requirements but to fully understand a project we really need to align ourselves with you and your project in the following ways:

  • User audiences
  • Audience personas
  • User goals
  • Specific business requirements
  • Competitor analysis
  • Existing assets (such as branding, campaigns, applications etc)

Once we have been through the project in the context of these very important areas, we’ll be able to expand on them in a summary discovery document which we’ll deliver and agree upon before we move into the production of your project. It’s not a wordy, lengthy document that you’ll want to store at the bottom of that pile on your desk — the idea is that this project summary ensures that we’re all singing form the same hymn sheet.

Maximising website impact through ‘value centred design’

Maximising website impact through ‘value centred design’

The success of a website comes from its ability to engage with its viewers. Here we discuss the ways that you can make your website more successful for your business.

Writing hierarchical web content with clear objectives

Writing hierarchical web content with clear objectives

A website’s user interface ultimately needs to fulfil a purpose. Often it can have a single goal such as creating an enquiry or can often need to perform a selection of useful functions like searching, booking and purchasing. However big or small your requirement might be, well structured user interface design and a considered website content strategy will always come into play.

All too often we see websites that perform lots of tasks adequately, but rarely fulfil the objectives of a) the site user and b) the website owner.

Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingEvery business should have a website and everything that differentiates your business online will prove crucial in the success of your internet marketing strategy. This goes further than design and build, it’s about ideas and bringing those ideas into a coherent, structured digital marketing plan.

Online Digital Marketing

We can provide the ideas, the know-how and the delivery for any successful online marketing campaign. Along with our partners, we have every skill-set covered. We can develop your marketing plan, produce and activate the campaign, all the while relying on our experience in design, production and search engine optimisation ensuring that your campaign is a success.

Effective Web Strategy

We strongly believe that the root of a strong web strategy should be organic and that for the majority of brands the goals should be medium or long term. That’s why we focus on the established online media channels to provide the mainstay of your digital strategy. Online content creation, commentary and social media should form the cornerstones to your online presence and ultimate success, whilst pay-per-click marketing, online advertising, email marketing and link building fulfil more campaign specific goals.

Social Media

The growth of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have raised the value of a good social media strategy to new highs. Social media has become a free and accessible way of marketing to your customers.

We offer our customers the ability to tap into these digital marketing channels, setting up and customising accounts and creating campaigns which can help in a number of ways including:

  1. Customer service
  2. Promotional sales
  3. Search engine visibility
  4. Market research

It’s hard to get the tone and objectives right when you market to customers online and that’s where we come in – helping you set up campaigns with specific goals and clear guidelines on engagement with your audience.

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