Our approach

Web design and development for results driven companies

As your digital team, we provide the essential user experience, digital design and web development expertise that creates a successful online brand. More than pixel pushers, as part of our award winning process, we engage with your business strategy, understand your audience’s goals and focus on converting traffic on every website and web application we produce.


Comprehensive preparation is key to delivering functional, intuitive and engaging projects. We believe that the essential first step to any new project is to hold an interactive discovery workshop. This provides the opportunity to discuss objectives, evaluate competitors, and establish audience personas and define the information architecture. We want to create an unforgettable user experience for your audience, and our discovery process ensures that our work is aligned with your business goals from the very beginning.

User Experience

Creating a compelling and intuitive user journey is at the core of what we do. Taking into consideration the requirements of your target audience, we plan their journey with absolute detail, ensuring that the user enjoys an unrivaled experience that converts into results for your business. After precise planning, we create a blueprint for the user journey and deliver a fully-functional prototype. This prototype ensures the user experience matches the goals of your audience and of your business.

User Interface Design

First impressions are crucial, and a great user interface is essential to developing a positive user experience. The interaction, layout, tone and typography choices for your web site are key to representing your brand and your business identity. Our team of experienced designers work creatively to enhance the key aspects of your brand online, communicating your online personality with an intuitive and responsive user interface that is representative of your brand and your business goals.


With approved designs and the prototype in hand, it’s time to progress onto development. As with every step in the process, our expert development team work in-house, and are fully involved with the project from inception through to delivery. We make it our business to write quality front-end and back-end code that’s focused on security, reliability and web standards. Our team are experts in building responsive websites and creating interfaces that ensure your audience can engage with your business on multiple devices, wherever they are.

Quality Assurance

We review our work on an ongoing basis to ensure that we deliver a 'snag free' project from start to finish. From the design planning stage through to the final delivery and beyond, we assess every aspect of the project to ensure objectives are met, that the content management system works and that any e-commerce is integrated seamlessly. We’re proud of our team's expertise, and guarantee that they will deliver the right results for your users and for your business.

Marketing & Strategy

The user experience shouldn't cease after one visit to your website. To ensure that your brand can build a valuable long-term relationship with its audience, you need to implement an engaging digital marketing strategy that's sticky and rewarding. By using your social and analytical data, we help define a sustainable and targeted approach that will achieve consistent results. Together with exceptional ideation and delivery methods we can create you a digital strategy that will engage your users and build a brand loyalty around the content you offer online.


We're proud to offer consistent aftercare and support, and we're always available to help our clients. In addition to phone support, the Hutchhouse Portal is also extended to our clients and includes a customised interface making it easy to report issues, log requests and suggest new features.