Back-end Development

Back-end DevelopmentKey to the delivery of your web project, will be our web development team. The aim of our web developers is to produce a fully functioning web site or web application, to specification, using best practices and the best coding techniques available.

In conjunction with our front-end web development team, we build server side applications to support your project. We use, almost exclusively, use open source languages and frameworks to deliver whatever your project requires and have a range of skills to bring to the party.

Back-end Development

The aim of our back-end web development team is always to produce the best result for the specific project they are working on and that means you are going to benefit greatly from using them. If they are building a content management system then it will be intuitive to use and give you the flexibility required without being overcomplicated and full of redundant features. We build everything with a DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) philosophy and apply test driven principles wherever we can. Our code is of a very high standard, is always approached and planned to be as efficient and easy to read as possible and is extensible (allowing room for future updates and extension).

We use established frameworks for rapid development, such as Laravel (PHP) and Express (Node.js), with masses of experience in using relational databases such as MySQL and also document based databases such as Mongo. This means that we can build just about anything… and it’ll work with speed and efficiency.

3rd Party Software integration

We are also experts in the integration of a number of 3rd party software, for example;

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