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We are looking for a top class Front End Developer!

Written by: bhutchins

July 7, 2014

We are looking for a top class Front End Developer! featured image

If you’re a talented, enthusiastic Front End Developer looking to join an ambitious and successful digital agency then we want to hear from you.

What are we looking for? Well, we want someone who loves Front End Web Development, who understands the importance of user experience and who can own Front End for Hutchhouse. We are looking for a top-class front end coder that has a real passion for HTML, CSS (Compass, Sass or Less), Javascript frameworks like backbone.js and uses TDD techniques.

Ideally you have:

  • A deep understanding of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • A thorough knowledge of Javascript frameworks such as Backbone.js, Knockout.js, Knockback.js
  • Am understanding of Javascript unit testing and web browser automation tools such as Selenium
  • Worked closely with Back End teams

About Hutchhouse:
We are an expanding interactive agency based in south Oxfordshire. Formed in 2003 by two leading industry figures, we have launched countless successful websites that delight our clients and give pride to our team. Our clients range from small/medium sized businesses to high street brands. Projects are amazingly varied and exciting, with new challenges keeping our approach fresh and innovative. We’re growing and evolving and we want people with the right skills and a great attitude to join us on the journey.

Sounds like it might be for you?
Full details of this role is available to download here.

Sharp, lightweight font icons

Written by: afisher

May 13, 2014

Sharp, lightweight font icons featured image

Recently there has been a growing trend to use font icons when designing websites. But what is the advantage of using a set of font based icons over images and why now?

Fonts that contain icons have been around for a long time. Webdings was created for distribution with Internet Explorer 4 back in 1997. However, until quite recently, images have been the most widely used option for creating web icons due to their versatility and near infinite customisation compared to the limited choices of quality icon fonts. So what’s changed?

A brief guide to responsive web design for your business

Written by: bhutchins

January 14, 2014

Responsive Web Design is the latest buzz-word when it comes to designing and developing websites. It’s not a completely new thing, and most agencies worth their salt will have been rolling out responsive websites for a while now, but it’s fast becoming standard practice so if you are a business owner planning to get a new website then you need to know about it.

What’s changed in Twitter Bootstrap 3

Written by: afisher

August 28, 2013

What’s changed in Twitter Bootstrap 3 featured image

Twitter’s popular Bootstrap framework recently celebrated it’s second birthday, and what better way to celebrate than releasing version 3 with a refreshed UI, an improved grid system and a whole raft of other tweaks and updates.

MrColor – A PHP colour manipulation library

Written by: sholloway

May 30, 2013

MrColor – A PHP colour manipulation library featured image

Over the last month I’ve been working a colour manipulation library for PHP called MrColor. Please forgive the American spelling, it is the language of the web after all.

The library is built around the idea of having an easy way to work with colour data. Once a new Color object is created you can populate it with colour values, edit those values, use those values to generate new data, and retrieve the colour in the format you require. You can download it or fork it from GitHub here:

Responsive web design webinar notes

Written by: jstiles

August 28, 2012

Responsive web design webinar notes featured image

Thanks to all those that attended the responsive web design webinar on Tuesday the 28th of August 2012. It was great to share our understanding and experience of responsive design, thanks for your questions and feedback. We’ll be incorporating some of them in an updated seminar.

Web Developer wanted for Wantage, Oxfordshire

Written by: jstiles

March 1, 2012

Web Developer wanted for Wantage, Oxfordshire featured image

Opportunity: Web Developer
Location: Wantage, Oxfordshire
Type: Full-time

You’re a talented and enthusiastic developer looking to join an ambitious and successful digital agency. You love solving creative, complex challenges with high quality, reliable development solutions. We are looking for a top-class coder who knows LAMP like the back of their hand. If you have the minerals to take a brief, question it, shape it and suggest ideas that can help the team deliver what the client expects then you’ll want to work with us.

Like your website design but loath your content management system?

Written by: Mitchell Renton

January 3, 2012

Like your website design but loath your content management system? featured image

Having an aesthetically pleasing website for your company is most definitely a satisfying feeling.  However, a lot of websites suffer once you access the CMS (Content Management System) and realise that you need a degree in rocket science to use it. Frustrating in most cases, infuriating in others, your content management system is off putting and tiresome to use.

At Hutchhouse we believe the site administrator should have the ability to manage all of the content on all of the pages without the risk of breaking the site. This is a difficult balancing act between allowing clients the level of control they desire whilst delivering a site with a framework that can cope with most eventualities.

If you believe your site carries a lot of value at the front end and all you lack is the ability to manage the content via a good reliable backend CMS system – Hutchhouse can reverse engineer any website and provide you with a usable, intuitive system that will control the content on your site. We believe in giving clients the ability to make updates and additions as often as it’s required without compromising design or functionality.

Who needs Flash? Javascript is King!

Written by: jstiles

December 7, 2011

Who needs Flash? Javascript is King! featured image

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, Flash™ used to rule the roost. If you wanted to achieve anything ‘sexy’ in terms of animation or user interaction then you were more or less forced down the Flash™ route. I’m happy to say that things moved on a while ago with improvements in how browser’s handle Javascript and the emergence of libraries such as jQuery. Flash has quietly slipped away.

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We are looking for a top class Front End Developer!

We are looking for a strong Front End Developer to join our team!

We are looking for a top class Front End Developer! featured image

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